Bitcoin Price Prediction – Scenario 1

In this Bitcoin price prediction, Ben breaks down his bullish BTC prediction. This Bitcoin prediction assumes that the price of BTC has already seen its bottom.

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The Metaverse – A New Form of Internet Addiction

Until now, only people with special devices have been able to explore the virtual world. This new technology promises to open a whole new world for people. With its full immersive features, the metaverse can be considered a new form of internet addiction. If you are one of the many people who are addicted to the virtual world, it might be time to cut some invisible ties. While the technology is relatively new, some upstart companies have already invested millions in the creation of virtual worlds that can be viewed only through special VR headsets. Virtual real estate moguls hope to capitalize on the pixels through property development, rental income, and advertising.

In the 90s, the internet was described as the information superhighway. By 2026, it will be used by 25% of the world’s population. But critics say the concept will only increase social issues. One Bloomberg writer described her experience as the only woman at a party where she could wear clothes featuring her favorite singer. The metaverse, she wrote, will be a more democratic, diverse, and fluid world. For this reason, it is important that the technology be able to support a wide range of people.

Incentives are crucial for a community-built Metaverse. For example, Facebook already lives on the internet, and users are able to share information and find new friends by posting on the site. By integrating crypto-asset protocols, Meta hopes to create the next generation of social media. Implementing play-to-earn features will be critical to the metaverse’s success on a global scale. The idea of a centralized metaverse is not new, but the fear is that it will be dominated by centralized actors.

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