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Bitcoin hits a new cycle low of $17,100 as rumors about the possible liquidity crisis for the world’s third-largest crypto exchange FTX turned out to be true. Just a day after assuring funds are fine, and they have the assets to back customer’s funds, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) announced on Tuesday that Binance has shown intent to acquire the global crypto platform to help with the liquidity crisis.

Binance CEO CZ took to Twitter to assure users that the crypto exchange’s insurance funds have been topped off at $1 billion as the debacle with FTX rages on.

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00:00 Trending
03:28 Market Watch
06:02: Bitcoin Technical Analysis
12:45: FTT Token Crash Fuels Wild Speculation
16:52 Binance Tops Up SAFU Fund at $1 billion
19:40 SBF Removes β€˜Assets Are Fine’ Tweet from Twitter
23:31 2008-Style Market Crash To Claim More Casualties
25:15 Bottom BTC Target
26:22 Q&A

Show Notes / News Resources:
βœ” Bitcoin Technical Analysis:
βœ” FTT Token Crash Fuels Wild Speculation:
βœ” Binance Tops Up SAFU Fund at $1 billion:
βœ” SBF Removes β€˜Assets Are Fine’ Tweet from Twitter:
βœ” 2008-Style Market Crash To Claim More Crypto Casualties:
βœ” End of Market Meltdown in Sight, Bottom BTC Target:

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Animoca Brands and the Metaverse

Metaverse is a virtual world that allows people to interact with each other. It creates a 3D environment where people can interact and share ideas. It offers new levels of digital sociability and gives businesses the ability to expand their markets. It will revolutionize the digital economy, exposing customers to new content and products, and enhancing purchasing decisions.

To create a metaverse, developers need to apply a variety of technologies. Augmented reality is necessary to create avatars, and artificial intelligence can help build digital humans as NPCs. These technologies will also help Meta to provide multilingual and secure services. The company has plans to create a metaverse that will allow users to interact with other people from around the world.

Blockchain-based games can provide a way for users to own virtual land and earn money while playing. In some cases, such games are even decentralized, allowing players to play for free, but the players can earn cash by selling goods in the virtual world. Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and SecondLive are popular examples of such a metaverse. Axie Infinity, for instance, is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Its ‘Axies’ are non-fungible tokens that are constructed from over 500 body components. In some cases, Axies can breed with other Axies up to seven times, and offspring can be sold on the gaming platform.

The Metaverse market is expected to be worth $21.7 trillion in 2030. This is a massive amount of money, and it is expected to continue growing. Animoca Brands has already raised $810 million in funding over the past two years. The company has partnered with investors such as Winkelvoss Capital, Soros Fund Management, and Sequoia China. This month, Temasek and Boyu Capital have both poured in another $150 million. Its valuation is now at $5 billion.

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