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A widely followed crypto analyst says that Bitcoin (BTC) could be brewing a repeat of its 2019 breakout after forming a similar pattern over the last few weeks.

β€œThe BTC monthly candle is up around +38% right now. In the short term, people are FOMOing into BTC.

But in the grander scheme of the new cycle, this is hardly FOMO Macro .

FOMO will begin from $69,000 on the way to new all-time highs.”

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Facebook is Betting Big on the Metaverse

The metaverse is an immersive virtual world, where users can interact as cartoon avatars. It is where the boundaries between the internet and the real world dissolve. There are several types of metaverses, including Cryptovoxel, Somnium, Metamask, and Arkane.

In the future, a player’s in-game tokens will be able to be exchanged for real world value. They can be used for passes to events or closed clubs, or to purchase things in the metaverse.

As of March 2022, land prices in the Metaverse have risen 500%. This has helped boost cultural adoption. Some popular music artists have conducted virtual concerts in the metaverse.

Many large firms are investing in the metaverse. Facebook is betting big on the platform.

One of the biggest players is Animoca Brands. The company has raised $810 million in funding over the past two years. Animoca Brands also owns The Sandbox, a metaverse gaming studio popularized by rapper Snoop Dogg.

Other major investments include Coinbase, Lyft, and Airbnb. Andreessen Horowitz, a large American venture capital fund, invests in Roblox and other companies developing the metaverse.

While there is no official definition of the term, it is believed to be a type of digital world where people can create value, cross VR, and exchange it for other types of value. Aside from the financial and legal concerns, there are also many dark sides to the metaverse. These include scams, counterfeit NFTs, money laundering, and regulatory uncertainty.

According to Citi GPS, the global number of metaverse users will be 5 billion by 2030. That makes the technology’s future a very uncertain one. However, it has a lot of potential to alter how we work.

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