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Is Metaverse the Next Big Thing in Crypto Gaming?

Crypto gaming is the next big thing in online games, and Metaverse is set to be a major part of that. A crypto game can be played by anybody, from gamers who want to play a new adventure to scholars and professionals who want to connect with people from other countries. While many crypto game developers are hesitant to use the concept, there are already many projects leveraging the technology. Let’s take a look at a few of these.

First, the term metaverse was coined by Neal Stephenson, a science fiction author who published the seminal novel Snow Crash in 1992. The novel features protagonists who wear virtual reality (VR) goggles and leave the “real world” behind. While the Metaverse has evolved since then, it still remains a vague concept, with many creators and users seeing it more as a nebulous “aspiration” than anything else.

Another upcoming Metaverse project is the Horizon Workrooms, which allow users to work in a virtual workspace with other people. Metaverse CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that he wants to make working from home an increasingly popular trend in the virtual world, and believes that his company can create a platform where colleagues can communicate with each other in an environment where they wouldn’t normally be able to meet. And, for those who are interested in the technology, he has already announced several new projects to help creators get started.

A decentralized metaverse called The Sandbox is the most popular of these games. Despite its newness, Adidas recently bought a parcel of land on The Sandbox and is developing an Adi-verse metaverse. The Adidas-developed game also includes collaborations with Coinbase, influential NFT brands, and more. The website is updated with daily news updates on the game and offers free demo games for anyone who wants to test the waters. This makes Metaverse the next big thing.

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