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Facebook Launches Metaverse For Play-To-Earn Games

Facebook will soon be launching a metaverse in which users exist as avatars. The social media giant recently announced a $50 million research fund to make the metaverse more immersive for users. As a result, the native tokens of the most popular blockchain-based play-to-earn games soared ten percent within 24 hours of the name change. Here are some of the pros and cons of using the metaverse. Read on for more information.

The term “metaverse” was coined by Neal Stephenson in 1992. He was referring to a virtual world where people could hop from platform to platform. For example, you could buy a Burberry shirt on one platform and take your avatar in a new drip to another. In another, you could invite people over to your house to have a drink. The concept of the metaverse has become so popular that it has been described as a cross-platform virtual world combining blockchain, AR, and Web 3.0.

One of the main benefits of the metaverse is its ability to foster new levels of entertainment. Metaverse users can interact with AI avatars and have relationships with them. In some of the newer metaverses, you can make friends with AI avatars. The new metaverses will include a large musical offering from some of the world’s best musicians and artists. The Metaverse will also have other content centers for people interested in meditation and self-actualization.

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