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The head of digital assets research at global investment behemoth VanEck, Matthew Sigel, is predicting wild fluctuations for Bitcoin (BTC) over the coming months.

Starting with a bearish forecast, Sigel says in a post detailing his crypto predictions for 2023 that Bitcoin could fall to between $10,000 and $12,000 in next year’s first quarter.

“Bitcoin will test $10,000 – $12,000 in Q1 amid a wave of miner bankruptcies, which will mark the low point of the crypto winter.


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00:00 Trending
02:15 Market Watch
03:45 Bitcoin T.A.
06:35 Dems to Return $1M to FTX Victims
09:25 Bitvavo to prefund locked DCG assets worth $296.7M
11:55 Donald Trump’s NFT Collection Soars
14:22 More Crypto Shakeouts Prediction
16:05 Bitcoin Crash to $10K Before Exploding Over 200%
18:55 Live Q&A

Show Notes / News Resources:
✔ Bitcoin Technical Analysis:
✔ Dems to Return $1M to FTX Victims:
✔ Bitvavo to prefund locked DCG assets worth $296.7M:
✔ Donald Trump’s NFT Collection Soars:
✔ More Crypto Shakeouts Prediction:
✔ Bitcoin Crash to $10K Before Exploding Over 200%:

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The Metaverse and Cryptocurrency

The metaverse is a persistent digital realm. It is made up of virtual versions of places and environments, and allows people to work or play in these worlds.

Metaverses are built on blockchain technology. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are keys to accessing these virtual worlds.

Those who own these tokens can use them to purchase or sell digital goods and property. For example, a movie theater could issue tokens to its customers for movie viewing rights. These tokens are non-fungible, which means that their value is not determined by the physical location where they are held.

NFTs are built on public blockchain platforms. The tokens are stored and secured on the blockchain, but there is no physical means to confirm that they are owned by a particular person.

The metaverse is a shared digital space that is accessed through a VR headset. It enables users to explore new ideas, learn about different concepts, and interact with others.

Some of the leading tech companies are investing in metaverses, including Microsoft and Facebook. Their investments are expected to help shape the future of the technology.

Microsoft is developing a new type of VR headset called Hololens. This will allow users to experience augmented reality. It can also be used to teach workers how to do manufacturing jobs quickly.

Decentraland is a platform for creating virtual worlds. It’s based on the Ethereum metaverse blockchain. This system supports a native cryptocurrency, MANA, which can be used to pay for services and buy or sell virtual property.

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