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According to the crypto strategist, the lack of bullish momentum is setting up Bitcoin (BTC) for one final push above $100,000.

“I’m expecting $100,000 for the fifth wave, and when it does complete, wherever that may be above $100,00… I think we’ll probably fall somewhere between $100,000 and $200,000 realistically…

But the point being is that these lows that are built up, we don’t need to take them now. We could very well continue up for the fifth wave.”

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The Metaverse and the NFT

The Metaverse is an online community where users can create and interact with avatars. The platform enables users to create virtual spaces for work and play, where users can interact with colleagues and other people. The Metaverse is decentralized, meaning that its ownership rights can’t be monopolized by a central entity. Blockchain technology enables the creation of such networks without the need for centralized control. In order to deploy such a network, companies can create non-fungible tokens for the ownership rights of assets.

Entrepreneurs are also investing in the Metaverse, with some of the biggest investors backing up upstarts. For example, Animoca Brands is investing in blockchain technology and has made more than two hundred investments. CEO Yat Siu is a pioneer of blockchain technologies, but he experienced regulatory pressure and financial trouble early on while dealing with cryptocurrencies. But after experiencing financial problems dealing with cryptocurrencies, he is now bolting into the metaverse, where he is building foundational technologies. Animoca Brands is currently investing in non-fungible tokens, the latest craze in the crypto space. Non-fungible tokens are a digital asset that authenticates ownership and stores value on a public ledger. Trading volumes for non-fungible tokens spiked to $25 billion last year.

The NFT will be used to create unique tokens. This will increase the transparency of transactions on the blockchain. NFTs will also serve as the foundation for a metaverse economy. Tokens created using NFTs will be used to transact in the metaverse. This allows users to easily transfer their NFTs from one platform to another. As a result, the NFT could be used as the main currency of the Metaverse.

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