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Facebook’s Metaverse and Microsoft’s Axie Infinity Shards

Several companies are currently pursuing Metaverse, a future world of three-dimensional virtual spaces. The idea is that users will be able to interact with both the physical and digital worlds, facilitating new levels of digital sociability. It is also expected to enhance purchasing decisions.

The concept of Metaverse was first introduced by Mark Zuckerberg. Several major corporations are looking to control the world of Metaverse. It’s also expected to disrupt the digital economy, and offer businesses a new way to expand their markets.

The technology behind the Metaverse is made possible by crypto-asset protocols. These protocols allow people to create unique tokens and secure transactions. These tokens are then used to distribute revenue earned on the platform.

Axie Infinity Shards are gained through matches, staking, and breeding Axies. Players are also awarded prizes for winning tournaments. These shards can be traded for other currencies and can be purchased with Android Pay, debit or credit card, or bank transfers.

Microsoft, one of the leading Metaverse technologies, plans to release its own version of the technology. The company intends to use it for education, business, and tracking. It will also incorporate Diem, a stablecoin, into the system.

Facebook is also planning to launch a Metaverse. It will incorporate NFTs and make it easier to display and sell digital objects. It will also make it easier to buy and resell Limited Edition digital objects.

Some of the most popular Metaverses include Decentraland and SecondLive. Both platforms allow gamers to earn money and purchase real estate. They also provide immersive material and collaborative areas for crypto users.

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