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Bitcoin evangelist Max Keiser says that the world’s largest crypto has bottomed out in this cycle and is well on its way to crossing the $220,000 BTC price point.

Speaking with journalist Daniela Cambone, he noted that billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper has already set a target of $250,000 for Bitcoin this year, and Keiser agreed with the prediction.

β€œInvestments in the #Bitcoin network have never been higher, that means the security has never been higher & the price will take care of itself. Tim Draper reiterated his $250k call for BTC in 2023 & I concur with that entirely. The price will take care of itself. What we want to make sure is the network is stable”

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Facebook and the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual world, where people interact as cartoon avatars. They can hop between different platforms and meet with other users.

Many in Silicon Valley believe that the Metaverse is the next big leap in modern technology. It will change the way we work, relax, and communicate. Some say it could even make it possible for people to do remote work.

A lot of companies are working to gain control of the metaverse, including Facebook. In recent weeks, the media has been abuzz with the concept. However, many people are concerned that Facebook is using misinformation to spread its message.

The Metaverse is a digital space where people can communicate and share ideas. Some say it is akin to Second Life. Other people think it is akin to Fortnite. But the real question is whether the metaverse should be closed or open.

According to Citi GPS, the Metaverse will have a user base of 5 billion by 2030. And according to Nvidia’s CEO, the Metaverse economy will be bigger than the real world economy.

However, there are a number of dark sides to the Metaverse. These include money laundering, fraudulent cryptos, and regulatory uncertainty. There are also counterfeit NFTs, trading scams, and fake games.

There is also a high rate of volatility in most cryptocurrencies. This can be a problem for investors.

One solution is for people to buy in-game tokens. In-game tokens are essentially similar to skins in Fortnite. They can be sold for real world value or exchanged for other currencies.

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