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Venture capitalist Tim Draper has doubled down on his Bitcoin price prediction of $250,000 by the end of this year or early next year. However, the billionaire explained why he expects the price of the king crypto (BTC) to soar past his estimate.

Draper explained: “Women control about 80% of retail spending and retailers haven’t yet realized that they can save 2%, and they usually run on very thin margins so that might be like double their profits. They can save 2% just by accepting bitcoin instead of taking a bank-issued credit card. And that can change everything.

“All of a sudden. All the women will have Bitcoin wallets and they will be buying things with bitcoin and you are going to see a bitcoin price that will just go right through my $250,000 estimate.”

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The Future of Blockchain and Crypto Technology

The metaverse promises to offer users an augmented reality experience that will be better than the real world. Many of the discussions about this new technology often ignore the security and preservation of information. As more industries use virtual reality, blockchain and crypto technology are becoming increasingly important. The future of this technology is still under development, but it has some exciting possibilities. Here are some ways to enjoy the new experience. Listed below are some of the most popular applications and their potential benefits.

The metaverse is an online game created and developed by developers for gamers. You can jump between platforms as a virtual reality user. You can buy a Burberry shirt on one platform, take your avatar to another, or invite people to hangout at your metaverse house. In essence, the metaverse combines blockchain, AR, VR, and Web 3.0. The metaverse has many benefits, so there are many ways to use it. While it may be difficult to get started, experts expect this virtual world to have many benefits.

Entrepreneurs will be a key component of the metaverse. They will provide services, create content, and do useful things for the metaworld. But they must find a way to monetize these services. A good example would be issuing non-fungible tokens that are worth an hour’s worth of viewing a movie online. The tokens could also be used as passes to events or even planets. Eventually, it will be possible for people to use the tokens to enter the metaverse.

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