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A popular crypto strategist and trader says a potential shift that could end Bitcoin’s (BTC) multi-month downtrend is on the horizon.

Cryptocurrency analyst Kevin Svenson tells his 69,200 YouTube subscribers that Bitcoin is on the verge of taking out its diagonal resistance that has kept the market bearish since November 2021.

β€œThis long-term [downtrend line], from $69,000 all the way down on the linear scale, we’re potentially at breakout point to break the macro downtrend on linear… But also we have the weekly RSI, which we’re currently about to break out of. So Bitcoin has some potential bullish pivots coming, potentially [a] bullish trend shift.”

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Facebook and the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual world where users own virtual land and play games to earn currency. It is different from traditional, lonely VR experiences in that users can interact with other users and form relationships. Some of the popular Metaverses include Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and SecondLive. In the former, users can create and play with avatars, which are known as Axies. These are non-fungible tokens that can be built from over 500 components. Users can also breed Axies with other Axies to produce offspring, and the offspring can be sold to other users or sold on the gaming platform.

The Metaverse is already popular with brands and major corporations. Tech giants like Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Epic Games have all announced plans to use the metaverse to create new products and services. Popular brands such as Gucci have also gotten into the metaverse. Gucci partnered with the online game creation system Roblox to sell digital accessories that could be used to play games. Other companies such as Coca-Cola have released digital tokens for users to use in the Metaverse.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently discussed the Metaverse in a conference call. He has called it “the next big thing” in the digital world. He has even referred to Facebook as a “metaverse company,” meaning that it will be a social media site that also utilizes virtual reality technologies. Zuckerberg’s company plans to invest $10 billion in building the Metaverse.

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