Best ISO 20022 Crypto Portfolio Reveal (Secret Bitcoin Expert)

The bear market strikes again and Ben is gone! So what’s in store for the $1K, $10K, $25K portfolios? In today’s video, AJ creates a brand new $5K portfolio of ISO 20022 coins to crush in the bear market! Stay tuned until the end to see AJ’s personal portfolio… you won’t believe what he’s bullish on!

0:00 Intro
0:25 Portfolio Update
1:23 ISO 20022
2:06 New $5K Portfolio
2:20 AJ’s $5K Portfolio
3:04 Conclusion

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Facebook and the Metaverse

Metaverse is a virtual world that allows members to make purchases with the help of NFTs. These tokens are unique and traceable on the blockchain. Meta and Facebook are partnering to make the process as simple as possible for NFT owners. This move is likely to help the NFT market grow. Facebook is already home to Oculus, the virtual reality headset maker.

The phrase “metaverse” is an ambiguous term. It could mean cyberspace or something completely different, like a new type of social media. Meta has not responded to an Insider inquiry seeking comment, but crypto enthusiasts are concerned that it could be a huge competitor to the social media giants. Some even worry that the metaverse will become similar to an app store.

Metaverse projects have attracted investors from several industries. Andreessen Horowitz, a major American venture capital fund, has invested in numerous early-stage companies, including Facebook, Airbnb, Coinbase, Lyft, and Roblox. The company also has invested in several metaverse projects, including Dapper Labs and the Open Sea platform.

Developing a community-built Metaverse will require incentivization. While crypto-asset protocols are helping to create the infrastructure for the Metaverse, the key to its success will be incentivization. Facebook has expressed its interest in the project, and Mark Zuckerberg has called it the next generation of the internet. Zuckerberg has even envisioned Facebook as a Metaverse company.

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